Once in a life time

While in Disney World you never know what just might happen...like having an interaction with a character that you never expected to have. And just that happened to us.

As most people know, going anywhere with a child requires a potty break more often than not. Finding the closest one is important because we know they waited til the last minute to tell us! Who wants to stop having so much fun?

So, as we raced off to the closest restroom between Pinocchio Village Haus and Gaston's Tavern, who was there? None other than Gaston himself was meeting all of his fans! As we are walking by, of course Sofia is looking at him and Gaston begins to ask her questions: her name and doesn't she want to talk to him? I didn't think anything of it and kept walking.

As we walk back to meet my husband and son, Gaston asks Sofia again what her name is. Neither of us respond and next thing I know Gaston has left his fans waiting to meet him and follows us. Sofia was wearing a shirt with her name on it and so Gaston says I take it your name is Sofia. He kneels down to give her a huge hug. Then he turns to my husband and tells him he has a horrible shirt on (it had a picture of the Beast) and walks back to his line of guests and announces to them all that her name is Sofia.

It was a moment we will never forget and just the type of thing that can happen only at Disney!!

Maria Merritt is a vacation specialist with Coasters and Castles Travel. She lives in Arizona but is originally from Colorado. Her favorite Disney character is Princess Belle and her favorite attraction is the Kilimanjaro safari in Animal Kingdom. Contact her today so she can help you and your family make memories that will last a life time.

mmarquez-merritt@coastersandcastlestravel.com Hablo Español

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